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Trusted, Convenient, and Affordable Pet Care in Charlotte for over 25 yrs. (Unfortunately we are NO longer Mobile) BEST Prices on ACL surgery, Cherry Eye surgery, Dental cleaning and Extractions, Ear Cropping, Ear and Skin Infections, and More !
** NEW clients being accepted if having a surgery (spay, neuter, dental, ACL, or ear crop) OR sign up for New Wellness Plan as detailed below.

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We’re conveniently located in Charlotte near Park Road Shopping Center ( 4928 Park Road, 28209 ) for all your pet needs. We strive to make you and your furry friend a top priority, from our Boutique and personalized care to our affordable rates.

AAA pet services is a Charlotte-based Veterinary Clinic company that aims to challenge established thinking. Dr. Thomann has been practicing in Charlotte since 1991. We give clients a unique personalized advantage and Affordable Options for your pet's veterinary care. We offer NEW wellness Plans along with upfront pricing ( see services link ). We are a full service - Single Doctor Veterinary Clinic that offers personalized care, Bakes cookies on Saturdays and always offers Free refreshments and Candy :)

Our Wellness plans
Give your pet a year of health care and enjoy our Afforable monthly plans. The plan includes FREE exams/office visits, Vaccines, Nail trim, heartworm test and fecal tests, anal gland expression, ID cards, Dr. Hotline, and discounts of in-house Prescriptions and all other services. See attached pdf for details.

Your pet needs frequent veterinary care to ensure maximum health. Our pet wellness plans save you money on the total cost of necessary preventive care and other treatments. Best of all, this plan features budget-friendly monthly payments making it easy to manage your pet’s healthcare costs.


DR. THOMANN IS A DOCTOR YOU CAN TRUST w/25 years experience.
Best Pricing on ACL surgery, Cherry eyes, Dentals, and More !
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What we do
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  • Pearl Joe Naccarato going for a stroll at aaapetservices
    Geriatric & Dental Care Senior pets Needs Special care.

    Dental Scaling, polishing and Extractions

    0-20#-$189.00 *




    (*) Plus extractions and Antibiotics if needed.

  • hero
    Internal Medicine and Blood work Losing weight, Hard time sitting/standing, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Allergies, ear infections, excessive drinking/Urinating, coughing, etc.

    We can provide an accurate diagnosis and prescibe the proper medication to keep your pet happy and healthy.

    Sick exam $69-99.00

    red blood cell count-$49.00

    Full Panel to check Kidney, Liver, and more-$89-149.00


    Blood Glucose-$20.00



  • screenshot_20190731-143458_textra.jpg
    Tumor & Growth Removal
    $100-$900 depending on size and Location.
  • inbound4742875229101751389.jpg
    ACL Surgical repair. Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries
    $750-1500.00 depnding on weight.

    We perform the External lateral Stabilization technique combined with PRP ( Platlet rich Plasma ).

    1. Cost effective

    2. Quick recovery

    3. Excellent return to function.

  • Facebook Photos
    Feline Medicine We offer complete feline care


    Sick exams-$69-89

    Rabies Vaccine-$25-35.00

    Distemper vaccine-$30.00

    Feline Leukemia Vaccine-$35.00

    Worm check-$35.00

    Felv test-$24

    Fiv test-$24




    *plus extractions, pain meds, antibiotics.

  • Wellness Plans An Affordable and easy way to offer the best care for your pet

    Monthly wellness Plans Only:

    1. Silver Plan-19.99/mo-24.99/mo.

    2. Gold w/dental or spay/neuter-$39.00/mo-44.99/mo.

    3. Platinum-Only $49.00/mo.-59.99/mo.

    See link for more details....

  • Kane Bissette hangin out at AAA for his annual exam
    Annual exams and Vaccinations. Annaul exams and Vaccinations are one of the most important things you can do to keep your pet healthy.
    49.00 Annaul Exam

    We offer canine vaccines: ( exam required )

    Annual Exam $55.00

    Rabies 3yr vaccine-35.00 1yr-$25.00

    Distemper vaccine-20.00

    Parvo vaccine-$20.00

    Leptospirosis 4x Vaccine-$20.00

    Lymes Vaccine $35.00

    Bordetella Vaccine-$20.00

    Heartowrm test-$39.00

    Fecal Exam-$34.00

    Nail trim $10-35.00

    Dental care, Tumor removal, ACL repair, Bloodwork, geriatric internarl medicine, Skin allergies, Chronic ear infections, and more.

  • hero cta
    Dermatology and Ear Infections

    Special interest in Chronic ear infections and skin issues. We can solve those chronic ear and Allergy issues....

    Deep Ear Flushes

    Long term Ear gel Infusions

    Allergy Injections.

    Long term Managment.

  • inbound4742875229101751389.jpg
    Bladder Stone surgical removal
  • bd01 dog
    In Home euthanasia Making their last moments around Loved ones in theri own Home.

    We can Provide In-clinic or In-Home Euthanasia services for your dog or cat.

    In clinic-$150.00

    In Home- $299.00

    We can also provide cremation -both private and communal for an addditional charge.

  • screenshot_20210121-113837_textra.jpg
    Ear Cropping

    25 years Experience. ALL Breeds !

    See Services & Prices link @ top of page

    Rated #1 in Charlotte

    Guarenteed Results*

    Online Pricing.

    Best done @ 9-12 weeks of age

    Call Now to Book Appt. 704-522-0677

    *length and shape/styles. Cannot guarentee standing erect- as we cannot control factors such as genetics, cartilage, and thickness of the ears.

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