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AAA pet services is a Charlotte-based Veterinary Clinic company that aims to challenge established thinking. We give clients a unique advantage and Affordable Options for your pet's veterinary care. We offer NEW wellness Plans along with upfront pricing ( see services link ). We are a full service Veterinary Clinic.

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Our Wellness plans
Give your pet a year of health care and enjoy our Afforable monthly plans. The plan includes FREE exams/office visits, Vaccines, Nail trim, heartworm test and fecal tests, anal gland expression, ID cards, Dr. Hotline, and discounts of in-house Prescriptions and all other services. See attached pdf for details.

Your pet needs frequent veterinary care to ensure maximum health. Our pet wellness plans save you money on the total cost of necessary preventive care and other treatments. Best of all, this plan features budget-friendly monthly payments making it easy to manage your pet’s healthcare costs.

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Each pet is unique, so we’re trained to be accepting of all sorts of personalities and energy levels. Here’s a list of some things we offer.

  • Kane Bissette hangin out at AAA for his annual exam
    K9 Annual exams,Vaccines, Dental care, Geriatric care,Bloodwork, and more in a relaxed Atmosphere. We’ll keep your pet comfortable, Healthy, and happy.
    FREE with Wellness Plans. Otherwise see "Learn More" for prices.

    We offer complete Physical exams from Head to tail!

    Annual Exam-$49.00 w/vaccines

    Sick Exam-$69.00 sick or Annual w/o Vaccines

    K9 Distemper/Parvo 1 yr.vx-$20.00

    K9 Leptospirosis 1yr vx-$20.00

    K9 Bordetella 1 yr Vx-$20.00

    K9 Lymes 1yr Vx-$35.00

    K9 Rabies 1yr vx-$25.00 3yr-$35.00

    Worm check-$34.00

    Heartworm test-$39.00

    Anal glands -$20,00

    Nail trim $10-35.00

    Dentals-$189.00 small dog

    $229 Medium dog. $249+ for larger dogs.

    Spay and office.

    Tumor removal-call office

    Bloodwork- Red blood cell count $30.00

    Blood Profile-$89.00


    Blood Glucose-$20,00


  • Chilling  at AAA Pet Services
    Cat-Personlaized feline medicine and care. Pricing below. We can tailor a vet experience specific to your pet’s needs.
    Free with Wellness Plans....

    We offer a relaxed and personalized atmosphere to ensure minimal stress upon your pet. You are allowed to be there WITH your pet at all times !

    Annual Exam-$49.00

    Sick Exam-$69.00

    Feline Disptemper Vx 1yr-$25.00

    Feline Leukemia Vx 1yr-$25.00

    Fecal Exam-$34.00

    Nail trim $15.00

    Rabies 1yr. vx-$25.00 3 yrs Vx-$35.00

    Spay -$229.00


    Dental -$189.00 plus extractions and antibiotics if needed.

    Declawing -$229-#300.00

    Felv test-$24.00

    FiV test-$24.00

    Tumor removal-call office

    Ear Flush-call office

    Blood health profile-$89-129.00

    Red Blood cell count-$30.00


  • Boxer ear cropping
    25 years Cropping ears in Charlotte NC You have but ONE chance to cut your pet's ears....and we can customize your cut and we guarantee our work !
    600-750.00 See detail on Ear cropping Link

    Ear cropping is a surgical procedure that allows your pets ears to stand up and give your pet a classic and unique look. This is done for cosmetic and health reasons. A complete price breakdown is located in the Ear Cropping Menu above.

  • Wellness Plans An Affordable and easy way to offer the best care for your pet

    Monthly wellness Plans Only:

    1. Silver Plan-19.99/mo

    2. Gold w/dental or spay/neuter-$39.00/mo

    3. Platinum-Only $49.00/mo.

    See link for more details....

  • olga-guryanova-rwiso0umjas-unsplash.jpg
    Ear Flush for severe infections. We specialize in Chronic and Severe ear infections. We can flush out your pets ears and instill a LONG acting medication to clear up infection.
    $69 exam
    $ 20-35.00 per ear flush
    $ Sedation depends..
    $ Ear medicated gel 25-40.00/ear.

    Pricing depends on level of sedation and size and severity of infection. We can quote you after you see the Doctor.

  • inbound4742875229101751389.jpg
    ACL Surgical repair. Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries
    $750-1500.00 depnding on weight.

    We perform the External lateral Stabilization technique combined with PRP ( Platlet rich Plasma ).

    1. Cost effective

    2. Quick recovery

    3. Excellent return to function.

  • Dental Cleaning, Polishing and Extractions.
  • Geriatric care

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